Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gourd Art

Gourd art!! My stepbrother's wife, Paula, makes these cute animals out of gourds!!


Gloria said...

I worked with a guy who painted gourds, but they were not nearly as cute as this one. An artform I haven't tried yet. And no, we haven't met before (unless in another life?) but I like looking at others' creativity and hope you will look at some of my creative moments too. Thanks for sharing!

Ms.Christy said...

Thanks Gloria!! I follow your blog now! I don't think I could do gourd art...too much is so cool though!

Melissa said...

That is DARLING!!!! Does she sell them?? Thanks for sharing!

Ms.Christy said...

She also made a bluebird and a chicken. They are banks. So cute!