Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Post

I have learned a few random things today.
1) Fried BUTTER is the most popular treat at the Texas State Fair.
2) There are people who actually believe in gnomes and trolls...and I mean "adult" people.
3) People can fry coke.
4) People in France are gaining weight since adding several McDonalds.
5) give Cara fake teeth and a princess crown and she is happy.

Okay, this is my random post of the week.


Tiff said...

I have to ask... How in the world do you fry butter?

theatergirl said...

Not only how... but why?? Why would a person eat just plain butter, especially if it's fried. Thats disgusting. It's like... trying to commit suicide by causing yourself to have a heart attack. Yikes. And it's the most popular... not only does it exist, but it's the most popular... sick. That actually turns my stomach to think about... lol.

Interesting though... :)

Amber W said...

I too do not understand how one would fry butter or why one would WANT to fry butter let alone eat it. It makes me feel slightly ill just thinking about it, I mean we fry plenty of things here in New Zealand but BUTTER???

It's been a loooong time since I've spoken to you Ms Christy (I don't know if you'll remember me) but I thought I'd pop by and say hi.