Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brain Freedom

Life is such a learning experience. I'm so glad God is so gentle in teaching me.

All of my life I have gone through life like a bull in a china store. I was labeled that way as a kid, adhd, headstrong. My zodiac sign is the ram so I just figured I was destined to be this way. There are several issues with this because when you ram your head into everything head first, sometimes, your head gets stuck in the drywall. For years, I have thought this is just who I am and I am totally NOT able to change it. So, I put up prison walls around myself with this issue. I convinced myself that I am impulsive, headstrong, unorganized, flaky....but the good qualities, artistic, visionary, empathetic, intuitive, funny...were good enough to balance out the other ones.

FINALLY, after years of thinking this way, I am free of the label. There is no reason why I have to live with bars....I can learn to stop and think, I can learn to not go headfirst into a wall without thinking, I can learn to keep my mouth shut until I have thought about my answer. I CAN do these things. There is no bar that says "christy has to be impulsive and unorganized".

There is are no more prison bars around my brain. I am FREE. Thank you God!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trusting Love

It is amazing what happens when God gives you the gift of really opening up to people and praying for those in need. For years, I was very guarded, now, I can be an open book. It started with something Jo Frost taught me when we did Supernanny, then, God had to sift me and I felt very raw. I was an emotional basket case for a few years, opening up is hard. Now, I am healed and I want to shout it out loud. I want to tell others there is hope.
 My friend Debby said to me recently, "you have to trust those who love you". I have finally accepted it. I have an awesome husband, great kids, great parents and great friends.
 I'm writing this to share love, share Jesus and give others hope.
 Love God, Love People, all people.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looking for Gifts

 It is important to live everyday as a gift
 enjoy the little things
 look for a gift everytime
 you step outside
 God never disapoints
 his artwork is always