Monday, June 4, 2012

The road we are on is long. Layers of the onion for all to peel. I am so thankful to God and all of my friends and family who have been on this road with me. Being in school again and learning all about counseling has been a big part of healing for me. I'm not perfect, just different. It is so meaningful to me to be able to hold my hands out and say "how can I help you" to hurting people, instead of  "let me fix you" as I did in the past. Helping others without fixing is done in love. It took me almost half of a lifetime to learn this. Fixing always led to thinking I have to control, control is not done with love (although, I never realized this in the past). Love is hands open, control is hands closed.
 Thanks to everyone who has helped me on this journey, ya'll know who you are and I love you.